To All Reunion Committees:

This policy notice has been posted with the intent to clear up any misunderstandings that class
reunion committees may have.

The Art and Design Alumni Association does not plan or host reunions for individual classes. Class reunions are generally planned by the former class president, or any other person wanting to organize such an event. The Alumni Association does organize fundraising events, where any and all alumni are invited to attend. And, by long-standing policy, the Association will organize and host the school's milestone anniversary events, where all classes are able to hold their own reunion at said event (i.e., a mass class reunion).

Independent reunion committees are responsible for the financial and legal obligation incurred in the organization, funding, and running of their individual class reunions.

Tax Exempt Policy:

The Art and Design Alumni Association. Inc. is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization. Our Tax Exempt Number and Certificate were issued to us for the exclusive use of the Art and Design Alumni Association, Inc. Use by independent alumni reunion committees, other organizations, or individuals, is illegal.

According to New York State: "This certificate will remain in effect unless it is revoked or canceled. Misuse of the authority granted under this certificate will result in the revocation of exempt status and subject the organization to substantial civil and criminal penalties. This certificate may not be altered, changed, lent or transferred to another organization or person."

Alumni Support Policy:

Part of my job as President of the Alumni Association is to expand the scope of our organization. The other part is to protect, from any threat, the integrity of the Art and Design Alumni Association, Inc. Our Association will continue working to help when and wherever possible. With increased involvement of active dues-paying members we can do more!

Creatively yours,
Michael J. Cheverino
President: Art & Design Alumni Association, Inc.

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