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Welcome to the Alumni Gallery, featuring work by members of the Art and Design Alumni Association, as well as members of the school's faculty.
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Paul Winchell Class of 1937 (deceased)
ventriloquist, voice-over artist and inventor
Frank Eliscu Faculty Member (deceased)
sculptor, designer of the Heisman Trophy
Alvin Carl Hollingsworth Faculty Member (deceased) art instructor
Sheila Schick Montana Class of 1943
indian stone painting

Leo C. Irrera Class of 1944

Annamay Olsen Class of 1945
fashion illustrator and painter
Tony Bennett Class of 1945
singer and painter
Vladimir Kagan Class of 1946
furniture designer
Murray Tinkleman Class of 1951
illustrator and educator
Eva Hesse Class of 1952 [deceased]
painter and sculptor
Alma Trujillo-Groskinsky Class of 1952
fine artist
Henry Groskinsky Class of 1952
photographer for Life magazine
Bernard Most Class of 1955
Harry Weisburd Class of 1955
fashion illustrator, painter and sculptor
Barbara Nessim Class of 1956
artist, illustrator and educator
Harry Bernard Class of 1956
fine artist, painter, digital artist and mono print artist.

John McCuen Class of 1958
digital photographer and graphic designer
Dick Lopez Class of 1959
Bob Schumacher Class of 1960
industrial designer and website designer
Antonio Lopez Class of 1960 (deceased)
fashion illustrator
Alexandra Balfour-Stewart Class of 1961
Louis Spina Class of 1961

Ric Nicastro Class of 1963
jazz host
Joey Skaggs Class of 1963
multimedia artist and professional
Josephine Vargas Class of 1964
watercolor and digital artist
Tony Velez Class of 1964
ocial documentary photographer, professor of photography

Rick Barry Class of 1965
designer, illustrator and educator

Art Spiegelman Class of 1965
pulitzer prize-winning illustrator and author

Eric Carr (a/k/a Paul Charles Caravello)
Class of 1967
drummer in the rock band KISS

Robert Sturtz Class of 1967
graphic designer: print and web

Roberta S. Rosenthal Brownstone
Class of 1967
botanical artist, designer and educator
Fred Greenspan Class of 1969
traditional puppeteer
Philomena Marano Class of 1969
artist and designer

Leona Seufert Class of 1969
multifaceted artist, painter and digital artist

Joe Ciardiello Class of 1971
illustrator and musician

DJ Hazard (a/k/a Dennis Hanard)
Class of 1971
actor, comedian, musician, writer

Chris Spollen Class of 1971
designer, illustrator, inventor and educator
Joe Savoia Class of 1972
ACE-certified personal trainer

Peter Gioello Class of 1974
fine artist, painter and photographer

Ben Perini Class of 1974
illustrator and designer
Mark Newstetter Class of 1974
guitarist, guitar teacher
Flint Gennari Class of 1975

Judith Schwartz Class of 1975
art director and graphic designer

Margaret Tsirantonakis Class of 1976
fine artist and painter

Cheryl Green Class of 1981
art director and graphic designer

Bruce Erik Brauer Class of 1982
founder, director
Henry Martinez Class of 1984
illustrator and comic book artist

Aurora Downer Class of 1985
art gallery owner, first grade teacher

Diana Ponce-Cwiekalo Class of 1985
fashion illustration, erotica and comic art

Steve Buccellato Class of 1986
illustrator and cartoonist

Anthony G. Hochrein Class of 1986
illustrator and cartoonist

Alec Turner Class of 1993
graphic designer and photographer

Saquan Stimpson Class of 1995

Imo Nse Imeh, PhD Class of 1998
artist, scholar of african diaspora art
and lbibio aesthetic philosophy
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