Donna Kerness Walence, Class of '60, Majored in Advertising Art at The School of Industrial Arts, where she was Class President. Donna's background includes dancing with the Alwin Nikolais Company for approximately six years, at the Henry Street Playhouse and, appearing in a number of underground films by producers George and Michael Kuchar.

Donna now lives in San Antonio, Texas. She recently appeared in the Documentary 'It Came From Kuchar', and attended the Screening in Austin SXSW. Further screening venues will include Las Vegas, San Francisco, Cape Cod and England. An out take of the film, which is an excerpt from 'Lust For Ecstacy', may be seen at, which will be produced as a DVD.

When Donna isn't filming, she spends time sketching at the 'San Antonio Museum of Art'. She also sells Native American Jewelery and Crafts with her husband, Louis, at outdoor Flea Market in San Antonio and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren Clara, Avi and Seth, for whom she has written two books. According to Donna, "Every living day is a page, or canvas, or sketch book, or blueberry pie of Inspiration."

Fishky died, Clara cried,
Fishky's dead, Seth said ...

All the children wondered why,
Our Betta Fishky had to die ...

Each day his silky blue fins swam'
His lips pursed in a smile,
He was so special, electric blue
And lythe
We thought at first that he was sick
With fish disease that is called ick ...

He was old and very tired,
That's probably why he expired.

A glowing days' eye
refuses too die
after the exit of summer.....
A dark face
glows soft and gold
after brushing against the moon
A kiss stays moist in the memory.........

dreams of a melting sun
almost fading.....breaths that are warm sighs.....
a summer moon
lowers like a fat orange head
in and out of the dye stained night
bleaching clouds into grey tears,
where the wind tossed shadows
of our hair on the sand

reaching beyond all vision
racing rivers revolved
catching the same day twice.....

we recapture the sun still holding on
to remnants of one long summer day
clothed in fire
hanging angular
over a fizzed out moon
ending the sea
in pink...........

Again, it must be Spring,
here in Texas .......
no denoument of frost,
only the air swollen with fragrance,
pieces of flowers peeking
above the dry earth
waiting ......
The slow and easy silence
before the cicadas,
cannas, waiting to be Golden Kings..
The dry earth
waiting ......
What kind of blushing sunset is this
pasted against the endless Texas Sky .....
descending as a vast, quiet, pink lady
pouring neon into a hot balmy night..
The dry earth
waiting ......
several hours of dawn flock impatiently
urging me to move into this New Day
I'm a Robot, in clay shoes..
lifted as the sun, an orange disc on fire
slid down the black sky,
crickets cackle
grasping for the sun ......
All of a sudden.
I have to be somewhere ......
[a song]

I was a high strung girl
that came from New York City,
Grimy subways pushed my body around,
Now I found a home in San Antonio City,
And everyone should have a Texas sky,

The trees lay back
The sun hangs down
pours that golden blanket
over the town,
Sometimes raindrops tease the ground,
And everyone should have a Texas sky
Where mockingbirds fly off the earth
The June bugs always giving birth
Everything grows twice its size
Underneath these Texas skies
A city girl is tranquilized

And Everyone should have
A Texas sky .....
[a song]

Workin this song from inside out,
Verses submerged in deep oppression
Climbing out of my mouth .... yeah .... lift the depression ....
I'm singin
I'm singin
The screamin so loud,
workin this song from inside out .... yeah

Why don't you
get off your horse cause I want a DIVORCE,
Yes I found someone new, and he's much better than you,
Best of all ....
We're not gonna get married
til we know ourselves well
through out some great times and hell
we will travel along
livin life like a song of
Lovin, and holdin, and touchin and
Feeling deep down
the closeness around
Why don't you get off your horse cause I want a DIVORCE
He might be new, but it's true,
We say the things that we feel
To talk about it is real,
and that's how we discover
our way of loving each other,
I have no remorse
Why don't you get off your horse
cause you never came near
inside the world
we could share
Best of all'
we're not gonna be married ....
It won't be a great loss
When we get a DIVORCE
Our heads are so far away
when you feel night
I feel day
Let's throw this marriage away
There's a new life ahead

I feel good as you can see
Now I finally am me
You are free
I am free
Oh yeah ....

Why don't you get off your horse
Get off your horse, get off your horse, get off your horse

You mean Nothing

Your words
a still life
of Nothing-

Your warped smile
suspended in an
old yellow photo-

Your voice has been disconnected
from my heart-

You mean Nothing

A memory never
to be viewed again-

You mean Nothing

The negative burned
in the flames
of my anger

And the Pain of Knowing you
dissolved with
The rain ....
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