HS Alum Says Thanks By Donating Furniture
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The NY Daily News
" I want to say at the end
of the day, 'I did

something good.' "


____A city high school that counts among its illustrious alumni Tony Bennett, Calvin Klein and Harvey Fierstein can now gratefully add the name of Sharon Pandolfo.
____Thanks to the efforts of Pandolfo, a moving van pulled up to the High School of Art and Design recently and unloaded thousands of dollars worth of furniture.
____It was donated by the senior art director's ad agency, Bienestar LCG Communications, which specializes in the Latino market.
____"It will really make a difference to help these kids," said Pandolfo, a 1995 graduate of the school — which has a predominantly Hispanic enrollment — who spearheaded the donation drive with her bosses.
____"I think we all have to help out. It's about all of us as a society. I want to say at the end of the day, 'I did something good,'" she said.
____The school, at Second Ave. and E. 57th St., prepares artistically gifted students for careers through such real-world courses as architecture, computer graphics, industrial design, advertising, photography and fashion.
____Students on the advertising track — where most of the donated furniture will end up — learn by working on real-life ad campaigns with real-life clients.
____With the donated furniture including file cabinets, credenzas, swivel chairs and art supplies the students will be able to do it in a realistic advertising setting.

____"The public is not aware that the schools are really hurting. It isn't just classes that are cut, but also supplies," said Yvonne Fitzner, president of alumni association and a 1960 graduate. "We are so delighted when people can donate equipment, fax machines, chairs ... and not just to our school, but to other schools."
____Added Pandolfo, "It sets a good example for other companies, and hopefully what it will do is empower other companies to do the same."
Ad agency people are not the only do-gooders here.
____Big John's Moving responded when Fitzner put out an SOS for help in moving the furniture. The firm charged the school $300 for a job that would normally cost about $800.
____It's not the first time Big John's has shown a big heart. Recently, the company charged a woman half-price on her move to Florida when it learned she had lost her husband at the World Trade Center. And from time to time, it helps out the nuns at a local parish.
____"If you do good things, it usually comes back to you," said owner John Healey. "Any successful business should try to help the community any chance they have, as long as they can afford it, especially since Sept. 11."

Correction: The $300 fee for the move was paid by the Alumni Association, not the school, and will be donated back to the association by Big John's.

Original Publication Date: 3/26/02